Slab sawing is performed using a diesel powered machine to cut through parking lots, sidewalks, drives, streets, slabs, control joints, and much more.
We have the capability to cut up to 24" deep.

Electric slab sawing is used for cutting indoors to prevent exhaust fumes. We have electric saws for all applications; full sized walk behind saws for wide open areas and compact saws for confined areas. With these smaller saws we are able to cut in bathrooms, hallways, etc.

Wall sawing is performed with a track mounted saw on vertical services. With this saw we can make precise cuts up to 24" deep. It can be used to cut doors, windows, mechanical openings, horizontal curb cuts, etc.

Core drilling is used to make round holes typically for pipes through concrete walls or slabs. We can drill holes from 1/2" to 36" diameter.

Wire sawing is used to cut thick or odd shapes of concrete. If you can wrap the diamond plated wire around it, it can be cut. Typically used to cut bridge beams/columns, equipment pads, grade beams, large concrete pipe, etc. Wire saws can also be used to cut circles. We have cut holes up to 10 feet in diameter. The circle wire saw can also be used to cut arches at the top of door or window openings.

Concrete Removal and Haul off is also provided by Sawman. Removal is typically done with skid steer tractors or where tractors are not accessible we remove by hand and use hand trucks to get to dump truck.

Concrete Pour Back is another service Sawman provides.



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